J24 outboard bracket - need replacement advice


Just loaded up my outboard in prep for launching my ‘project’ J24 tomorrow - and discovered that my engine mount (bracket can be raised and lowered) is so worn out that the engine wobbles all over.
My 3.5 HP Mercury would be totally unsafe for almost any conditions - and so I am faced with a choice of “which OB bracket is best replacement for this boat?”
I am sort of inclined toward a rigid bracket as a replacement, since some adjustable (raise and lower) types say not suitable for 4-stroke engines.
Any good suggestions or referrals to a simple solution for replacing this piece of junk I discovered I have?


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I replaced my motor mount bracket with this one; Garelick 71042:01 Aluminum Auxiliary Outboard Motor Bracket

If this is not an exact replacement of my original one, then it is darn near perfect, at least for the stern mounted plate that came with my boat.

The photo below shows the previous motor mount and plate, which also had the rocking action you describe due to wear of the bolts holding the arms, and stretching of the springs. In the photo, you should be able to see where the motor mount slides into the plate that is bolted into the stern here. The bolts are holding the plate, and just inside from there you can see the mount that slides into the plate. The mount listed above slide into this existing plate perfectly.

Also, I did not figure it out until I went to install the replacement, but there is a small lever on the plate just above the top of the motor mount on the port side (not shown in this photo). The lever has a little notch in it. If you swing the lever such that the notch points aft, you can slide out your motor mount and slide in the new one. This is a great feature if you want to service your engine by removing it from the boat, or if you want to remove it for racing.

Finally, note that I removed one of the two springs that came with the Garelick 71042:01 since it is rated for heavier motors. After doing so, I can simply guide the motor up and down; no need to push or pull.



Thank you, Dan! This is very helpful - a great photo that shows a nice setup for a lifting engine bracket.
The main feature I noticed is the plate that holds the mounting bracket - also a Garelick product, if I'm not mistaken. The plate adds more rigidity and heft to the entire bracket assembly.
However, for some reason the plate is no longer available. Not manufactured anymore and the many on-line sellers who have it listed show it as either "out of stock" or "discontinued". I have no idea why it's no longer manufactured. Alas, that plate would be a nice feature to add to ensure my bracket mount will be adequate for a 3.5 hp 4 stroke engine.

If you or anyone else happens to know of an available Garelick 'plate', I would be very interested in buying one. I'm not optimistic, but it never hurts to ask.
Many thanks for all your help!


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I see what you mean with the adapter plate; part number 71053 is discontinued.

I have seen the same plate and motor mount on many of the local J24 fleet. That same fleet is maintained by the Berkeley Marine Center (www.berkeleymarine.com). It's possible they might have a complete setup, can recommend something different, or could machine the plate itself.

Otherwise, there's a Nor Cal guy here named Ray that has a decent inventory of J24 parts, sails, etc. You can try calling him at the number for this Craiglist post (I don't want to post it here). He will talk your ear off, but he's friendly and resourceful. EX J24 Sailboat - boats - by owner - marine sale



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mine looks like that they went designed well. replace the wood with pressure treated wood and make sure the engine is secured to the boat with a line or something. also raise out of water when sailing it creates a lot of drag on a stbd tack