It's Sunday

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Since it's sunday afternoon i though i'd take a look round SA. they have all kind of delightful advertising in the side bar, but this one caught my eye. Don't know why maybe it was the quality of the product.

Got me thinking.

I have never seen a girl like this sail a Laser, so obviously she must be out there on some other class. DryShirt UK wouldn't lie about this sort of thing.

So which class has the best looking ladies?
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34 and still on the prowl are we Chainsaw? :confused:

Or perhaps you've already ordered but still like to look at the menu ;)
LOL I have a permanent seat at my wife's restaurant. She looks like that girl in the pic but has shorter hair. That's why it caught my eye...yes...certain of it now. :p

She doesn't sail though. So apart from 420 's where are all the women in sailing?

Rob B

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Anyone remember the Hobie posters back in like 1980-82? The ladies were usually a little um, chilled out on the wire! I had the classic Farah Fawcett poster right next to it. Actually, I remember Bo Derek was a bit of a Hobie sailor as well!!!