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Is this a good deal?


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Hello everyone,

I am new to sailing my only experience is when I sailed a laser a couple years ago at a friends lake house for an afternoon; I had a blast! Now I want one of my own and have been looking around. Do you all think this is a good deal or should I keep looking?


chris williams

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I don’t know if it’s a deal or not, but you might check with Park City Sailing. They have a 25 or 30 boat Laser fleet so should know fair pricing in Utah. They might also know of Lasers for sale.


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Hard to tell what condition the bottom or the deck is from the 4 photos. For arguments sake, let's say the boat has just the normal wear and tear, nothing major to repair, everything you need to dump in water and go sailing, the trailer has a title and is road worthy, then I would ask if they would take $1200, maybe negotiate a little. If there are some noticeable issues, mast step doesn't hold water, gelcoat missing and patch work needed, no title to the trailer, then I would go down to $1000. From the pictures, it looks like you can be sailing and having some fun pretty quickly. If you get additional pics because you see it in person, and have questions, please post them. Good luck, and let us know if you are a new (first time) boat owner!!

Rob Hair

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There once was an article linked to this forum that gave tips look for or more to the point, what to look out for. :) I looked briefly and didn't see it, but I'm sure a more determined search would find it.

If that boat is more than a short drive away I'd get better photos from the seller before taking a long trip to see it. Seller seems to be experienced enough with Lasers to know what should have been shown in photos.


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Be aware. Boats from that vintage like to delaminate. Things to also consider. Boats that old have the old shool rigging. If you want to start racing, it's going to cost you around $6-700 for a vang and other upgrades. If you go look at it, walk around and hit the deck with the butt of your hand. If it's not a solid "thud" but sounds squishy (technical term) run...

IMHO, I'm not going over $1000 for an almost 35 year old boat.

Good luck.

beldar boathead

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I’m wondering what the high wind mast and sail are? Radial - that would be good to have. M-rig wouldn’t be so good. 4.7 is pretty much too small for any adult.
@beldar It being a late1980s boat it is unlikely that it has an M rig. Most likely a Radial or homemade cut-down job. I do not think M's were produced/that popular in the late 1980s, however, someone else here probably knows exactly when the M's were discontinued.