Interested visitor... humpback whale.


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Dutch Talent Squad was sailing today near the The Hague Beach ('Skiffa Bay' according to the boys) when they had a visit from an interested mammal... A humpback whale! It's very special to see a humpback in the Northsea (not deep enough, not enough to eat) and this one is a about 1 mile off the coast.

My son is not on this pic; these are the 4.7 sailors, he's sailing a Radial.

The pic was taken by a drone from the Radial coach boat. The drone is -off course- used for training vids. This 'still' was sent to the team. Seeing this pic, the boys reacted with: that's not the first time we see it; but now it's on camera!

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-11 at 18.48.41.jpeg


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Whales are very rare in these waters. Dolphins, porpoises (is that the correct word for these animals?) and seals are quite common and the dolphins try to 'race' the boats (and these animals always win!). Somehow these mammals bring out the best in the sailors: they always try to out-perform themselves trying to beat the dolphin!

On the pic you can see that the 4.7s waiting for the radials to close in. The radial group is under the drone. The whale was more or less 'caught' in the middle.