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Installing Bow-End of Hiking Strap

Still a newbie - 15 months "in" class. Determined, with your help, that any hiking strap is legal. Even one that has a beer holder. Today installed two grommets on Stern-End of of hiking strap. Any experience, suggestions on removing Bow-End of hiking strap and installing Bow-End of new hiking strap? Yes, I have a stainless steel plate fortress the Bow-End, but must first remove two Phillips head screws to remove Bow-End of existing strap. Being sure to keep backing blocks in place. But there are no grommets or other attachment holes in bow end of strap. Help? Hiking Strap 2.jpgHiking Strap 3.jpg
Thanks for photo - that is for the Stern-End. I fashioned my "new" hiking strap to imitate David's, in the photo, but simply installed two grommets instead of attaching a hiking strap addition. My question is about the Bow-End of that same strap - how are racers attaching the bow-end of the strap to the inside of the cockpit? I've got the backing plates, already, but there are no "holes" in the bow-end of the strap through which to install the screws.

Charles Howard

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What year is your sunfish? My 2003 has the below. Undo one of the screw and slide the front of your hiking strap on and replace the screw. If your boat was built before hiking straps you will have to put in a port and install.

I've got a 2013. Did not know until NOW that when I removed Bow-End of existing hiking strap, which is at least two inches WIDER than the plate, above, that the "correct" strap is more narrow and can simply slide onto the plate with the two screw holes being OUTSIDE of the width of the new strap. That way I don't need two new holes pierced through the "new" more narrow strap. Woo Hoo! Thanks for your input!