Inspection Port Installation Question

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Well for one it would be nice to have a stowage area for a dry bag and although I have not measured maybe the ability to stow a paddle.

As far as water in the hull I'd like to be preemptive in this regard.. Assuming the port does not impact structural integrity.

Along those lines if I do install would you recommend screws or bolt/nut system?

Lastly best sealant or just any quality silicone? 3M 4200?


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I have several paddles of various sizes. None will fit a 6" inspection port. (Without cutting a big notch into one side).


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Behind the splash rail. If it's a older Sunfish it's long past the
time when the hull is water-tight. Rear deck is usually for converting
to the newer rudder. Between the two you can get at all the backing blocks
except the bow handle. Third port in bow is usually avoided as people complain
about the "Swiss Cheese" effect.

Although I do occasionally use West Marine I always get the feeling I should
be wearing Thurston Howell III yachting club attire when I enter the store.

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The one from Amazon should be fine. Looks the same as the West one. Any silicone will do. People use both attachment methods you mention, and aluminum pop rivets work too. Just behind the splash rail is convenient with good access to store things.


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I've done a lot of business with West Marine over the years. Their pricing has no explanation. I have a wholesale acct and some prices are really good. Other times I have to call my rep to get better pricing, especially when I tell him I can get it from Amazon for 10% cheaper than my wholesale price. Some wholesale prices are just stupid high crazy as well....which obviously makes their retail totally insane.