information about a capri 14.2

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I am new to sailing and am looking to buy a small sailboat to sail the inland lakes of northern Ohio. The Capri 14.2 looks like a good boat to learn on and have fun with. I have a family of three. My son is 6 years old. Is the Capri a good boat to learn to sail with? Is there a person in the Northern Ohio area that I can talk to and look at their boat before I buy. My local Catalina dealer does not carry the small boats.

I bought my first C14.2 when my kids were 7 years old. It was a good family boat then as it still is today. It's been a whole lot of fun for the dollars. My sons are now 12 and each race in the local C14.2 fleet, infact my wife and I also race in the same San Diego fleet. Anyway, its a good boat and you'll have fun sailing it. Good luck!
It is a great boat to start or restart!

You may want to look at the refitted boat for sale by DHawk in Dayton. I bought my 14.2 in NE Ohio from an owner who got great use form it.

I would go for it if you are working with one to three people in the boat. If more I would go with a 16.5 or a Flying Scott.