Inflatable buoyancy?

that guy

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Hi all.

I recently purchased a Mk 1 14.2, and it doesn’t have much of in the way of added buoyancy. It’s my understanding that these boats will turtle pretty quickly if knocked over and if water fills the cuddy, it could sink.

Been thinking of adding something inflatable jn there. I know there is a buoyancy bag made for the Flying Scot. Would an inflatable fender or two be a bad idea? Thanks!
There's a post from way back when that showed how Capri looks when she's laying on her side with a Baby Bob float on top of the mast. The boat sits high enough on the down rail that no water enters the cockpit. Of course this applies to calm water conditions, if there's heavy wave action that's another story. It's easy to right the boat if it has that mast float, otherwise it will definately turtle, then you've got a real can of worms. I highly recommend getting that Baby Bob!