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ILCA 7 for Sale in Excellent Condition


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Vanguard Laser 176223 (2003 Model); Light blue hull in excellent race ready condition. Hull is tight, has never taken on water and has only minor scratches in the gel coat. This Laser was used as a dedicated regatta boat and has always been stored on a Kitty Hawk trailer or Seitech dolly with cover. One Full Rig practice sail and comes with new Neil Pryde sail - used once at 2022 California Masters. Harken vang and racing outhaul and Cunningham. Digital compass. Acme Carbon Fiber Tiller and Carbon Fiber Tiller Extension. Dagger Board and Rudder in excellent condition. Rooster Blade Bag (New Condition). Rooster Mainsheet. Comes with an APS Top Cover and a Seitech Dolly. $3,900.

I also have a Stainless Steel Kitty Hawk Laser Trailer (Not Currently Registered) For Sale for $500.

$4,250 for the Laser and Kitty Hawk Trailer Together.


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