Identify old Laser?


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I've recently bought an old laser in poor condition which I am restoring. The code under the bow eye is DENO 15. There is a metal plaque at the rear of the cockpit with 34245 engraved on it. There is other writing but its too faded to read.
The number on the sail is 134345, but is this the correct number? I can't find any other codes on the boat - there's nothing on the transom where you might expect to see something.

Any comments would be welcome.
That sounds very much like a 1988 boat built by Performance Sailcraft Europe (in Banbury, Oxfordshire); they had nothing on the transom until 1997 or ’98.

The plaque has (well, had) the initial ”1” of the sail/hull number only printed on it, so that digit has faded away like everything else except the engraving. The number should be 134245, so the mystery is why the number on your sail is off by exactly 100. Sounds like a misread at some point.

The DEN015 under the bow eye is a PSE code whose format I’ve found too cryptic to crack yet (I have one of those myself!).

But as always, pictures would be nice :)

Thanks, I will take photos tomorrow. Don't understand why they wouldn't engrave the 1 with the rest of the number. The sail is a replica sail so possibly a mistake. Bought the boat for a song as the front 2/3 of the cockpit floor defected by 10 - 15 mm when you pressed on it. I've drilled holes into the void and injected resin into it so it is now solid and have repaired all the cracks in the sides of the floor.
Forgot to mention it has a white deck, grey topsides, a white waterline and yellow bottom. Never seen one like it.
Don't understand why they wouldn't engrave the 1 with the rest of the number.
I guess that they thought they’d save that little bit of work as they wouldn’t have needed to change that to a 2 until decades later :D

I think the standard PSE colours at the time were dawn (very pale) grey, with black, turquoise, purple, or navy blue topsides, with a green waterline stripe on the last-mentioned. Your boat was likely painted later. Or are those really the gelcoat colours?

Photos. Its definitely the original gelcoat.


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Ok, now that the yellow isn’t a bright ”1970ish” shade, I do vaguely remember seeing a hull like that a long time ago. PSE used to do ”special editions” back in the day (there’s a long thread about those).

But your number is definitely 134245. Here’s my own plaque for comparison:


Thanks very much, that clears that up. I have seen the threads about special edition lasers but never one this colour. Perhaps it was a one off or a very limited edition.