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ID this clone please


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A Viking is too close to being a Sunfish, so that's out.

Porpoise II has those paired hiking straps, paired cockpit drains, and rubbery "bumper surrounds". But their boards and gudgeons are Sunfish.

Try a search of "EDO", who made several Sunfish clones, or contact the seller.

Alan S. Glos

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I am with L&VW. I think you have a Porpoise II with a Sunfish rudder and sail. The give aways are the deck designs and the hiking straps in the vertical sides of the cockpit port and starboard. Here is an old link with more photos: Help identifying model year of a Porpoise II

These were pretty good boats. The larger Super Porpoise sold better but a lot of the Porpoise IIs hasve also survived. They were made in Michigan and were popular in the Midwest.

Alan Glos