IC213 - Rudder Blade Head Thickness


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IC213 - Rudder Blade Head Thickness.

24th April 2007

For a limited period a number of foam rudder blades have been moulded with the head of
blade slightly thinner than average causing the rudder blade head to move in the metal
rudder head (stock) even when the rudder bolt is tight. To rectify this the World Council
have approved the following interpretation:

Interpretation to rule 15 Rudder and rule 26.a Repairs dated 23 April 2007

"Padding of uniform thickness may be used to fill the gap between the rudder blade
and the rudder head provided that the padding covers completely the part of the rudder
blade that comes into contact with the rudder head and that the thickness of the rudder
blade plus the padding does not exceed 20.3 mm."

This information can also be found on the International Laser Class Association web site
at http://www.laserinternational.org/rules/rudderhead.htm

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