I need some mast stepping help with my 1st 470


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I purchased a 470, fully rigged, but am having some difficulty figuring out the forstay and the jib halyard. The forstay seems way to long and the jib halyard is confusing. It splits into a loop that is held by a small string that feeds through the mast internally. I'm sure I am missing something Simple, but cannot see it yet. She's an 84 McKay. Sail number ...CAN 55
The forestay is only a rigging help and a safety device. It should be close to maximum length, that is, long enough that the mast comes almost halfway out of the mast gate when the jib is down. That makes the shrouds looser and easier to adjust. When the jib is up, the forestay should be completely loose (and the shrouds very tight).

The jib halyard is with which you tension the rig. The rope tail is there to pull the wire loop down through the mast to connect with the tensioning purchase system. (It's actually handy to have a stopper knot in the tail to keep the wire/rope joint from coming out of the top block on the mast.)

You mean an '84 Marten? Mackay didn't start until ten years later, albeit with Marten's moulds. Same NZL lineage :)