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I killed my electric motor.


Why I trashed my electric motor..

It requires a battery to run. $$$
It requires a battery charger for Deep Cycle. $$$
The battery has to be 120 Amp or it will be worthless
The battery weighs in at 55# and I have to take it off boat to charge it.
The battery needs distilled water once a month. $
The battery cannot get wet.
The battery costs $169.00 and has to be replaced every year.
The battery will not retain full charge for more than 48 hrs.
Every time I take boat out I have to recharge battery day before
The battery loses 10% power after 15 mins
The electric motor will not power boat against wind and current. I have to motor and row!
The electric motor will not power boat at any worthwhile speed after 45 mins.
The motor and battery weigh in at a hefty 85#.
A gas engine weighs in @ 42# and will power boat against wind and tide.
I do not have to row.
I do not have to charge a battery

A gas engine is cheaper in the long run.
The ethanol scare is a plot by electric motor marketers
I know no one that has had problems directly attributable to ethanol
All the complaints about ethanol start with:
I have a friend whose neighbor..
I have an relative whose cousing best friends motor ... ethanol
Not one newer motor complaint starts with "My (brandname) motor was ruined by ethanol according to the manufacturer.


Hmmmm... I thought this was a sailboat forum. ;)

Seriously, it's too bad you bought the wrong battery and motor. I really like mine, especially how it's quiet and fume-free. Kinda like sailing! :)



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My deep cycle marine battery weigh only 25 pounds and runs for hours. It is a class 40 size and with a marine box, was less than $60 at walmart. I bought an extra connector so I can attach the charger without moving anything. The quiet is worth it to me.

I just wish I could come up with a better cheap motor mount. My motor comes loose it I have it mounted on wood to protect the stern. It stays good clamped without any protection but it is scratching the gel coat.

Any ideas on an inexpensive mount?


I thought this was a sailboat forum

This was the electric motor that powered my sailboat.

That makes it a sailboat issue.

I started out enthused with the 40# $380.00 "Marine" electric motor for my sailboat. Top speed (no wind) was 3.5 mph. I later upgraded to a 55# electric motor from my fishing boat hoping to be able to move against 15 mph winds and 1 mph currents. That was an improvement as I was able to putter along at 4MPH and make headway against current and wind. Now I could go against the wind at the magnific speed of 2.75 (GPS) against wind and tide. After a year of use I am just tired of it. I'd rather deal with the noise and stink of a 4 stroke outboard that gets me where I go sailing and brings me back against wind and tides at 5 MPH regardless. It has the added benefit of not dealing or carrying batteries or battery chargers around all the time.

It is scary being under a drawbridge barely making headway and the bridge starts coming down. Thank god for go go juiced fuelish outboards.


No greenie weenie here.

Dude you are in currents... GAS is the best thing to use... those of us who went electric did so for EASE, and cheap, and lack of motor mount.

I paid $129 for my trolling motor, and $60 for my battery (deep cycle, so it actually lasts, and can be depleted on a regular basis)... So Um I am under $200 for what would cost me about $600-$800 for a gas motor.

I already HAD the charger (for my cars, and as a spare for BOOSTING the cars)...

The electric is instant, easy, and doesn't require a fancy motor mount. I also changed the way the battery connects to the boat, so that the battery stays mounted in the cuddy. I always trailered my boat, so I never removed the battery (even in winter-dumb I know). I would charge it ON the trailer, in the driveway (I have a 100ft extension cord, I use for other stuff around the house)...

IF someone chose the electric to be a greenie weenie, that was their craziness.

We all know we burn coal to recharge those things, its where we get power, is a fact of life... is merely a matter of what is the best choice for how you use your boat.

I sailed LAKES only... no current, and very seldom a huge headwind. Besides if you have a headwind, you can usually SAIL! Currents are a different story - agreed go gas, and get a 2 stroke, they are easier to deal with (they smell, but usually are lighter).


I still prefer electric over gas. There is nothing more finicky on the water than a gasoline powered outboard. Inboards aren't much better. Corrosion, water contaminating fuel, carburetor issues. My electric motor and battery weigh 50 lbs total and will move the Capri for 45 minutes against 15 MPH headwinds. That's ten times what I need to get in and out of the harbor. When you add in the up-front cost of electric vs gas, (about half for electric) it's no contest.

Will you get there faster than I will? Probably, unless I fire up the 17 foot runabout with 90 HP Yamaha. But then again, this is a sailboat forum. ;)