I have a few questions on a 2008 laser...

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Bought it used and love it. Great upgrade from a 1979 Sunfish.

1. I noticed that the centerboard rocks back and forth hitting the hull. I notice it when I'm not moving and some small waves come in you can hear the centerboard rock. What do you guys normally do so that the centerboard fits in snug?

2. The bunghole plug that goes in the rear of the hull. I put one in. However, I can't figure out how to take it out. What's the proper procedure. It comes a bit out when I do a half turn counter clockwise but I can't pop it out and I don't want to damage it.

3. Can a harness be installed to hike out further?

4. What do you guys do when the winds get 20+? Tigthen boom vang, outhaul, and downhaul?

5. I sail at a lake so I normally back in the trailer into the water. I remove the boat, and pick up and lay the front part of the hull on the concrete. The back part of the hull is over the water. I do this just enough so that the boat doesn't get away as I unload the gear and park my truck. Then I rig it up, mast etc. However, there are small pebbles on the concrete and it hurts to hear cracking noises when I lay the front part of the hull. Do people normally put the mast up while it's on the trailer? Then move the boat into the water(waist deep) then do the rest?

I didn't mind doing this on the Sunfish cause it's older.

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1. Move the rubber friction pad a few millimetres forward. Unless the pad has been glued in place (usually with silicone), just loosen the screws a few turns to move it. If you have an old-style pad you might want to change to the new design - I don't think it was standard on 2008 boats yet.

2. If you have a screw-in bung (which a 2008 boat should have), then... just screw it open. If if breaks, there was something wrong with it. You should keep a spare or two anyway.

3. A what? Well, no... sounds even dangerous.

4. Outhaul only moderately tight, vang and cunningham insanely tight, and play the sheet in gusts. And that's upwind - downwind you let all those controls loose.

Do people normally put the mast up while it's on the trailer? Then move the boat into the water(waist deep) then do the rest?
Yes, and yes. Except you only need knee-deep water. And if you're talking about a road trailer, it makes more sense to launch Laser-sized boats using a separate dolly. And whatever you do, do NOT let your hull touch the ground.
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So then I'd assume you guys tie off the boat then go park the the truck, seems dangerous especially in high wind. I'm usually alone. The mast would already be on the boat.
Before I put the mast up I put everything away that is not going out on the water and the dolly wich I normally leave at the launching site or if it is activity there I ask someone to pull it aside. If you singlehandedly have to put the dolly away and get hold of it when you come back then i'ts more difficult. The Laser doesn't behave well by itself on the water. There should be a tread about this if You search the forum.

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Great, now the few scratches I made on the front bottom part of the hull are bothering me. Can't sand it smooth right? Also I bought a fiberglass repair kit for the future. If there is hull dmg I basically put fiberglass and sand it down, then is there a gelcoat over it?
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I ended up tying the boat to a trash can up against some trees to block the wind. Worked well.

I sailed her in high wind today. I noticed she starts to hum when you build up speed. It wasn't the centerboard cause it wasn't vibrating. Is this normal? I like it.

Also, do tell tales work well on a laser? How can I tell if my Laser is a Standard, Radial, or 4.7? Does my laser sail have any specifications that I can look at?
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All the hulls are the same.
3. No.
4. For the controls, upwind crank on the kicker and cunningham, if you're light use a tight outhaul. Downwind no outhaul or cunningham, just a little kicker.
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I have the radial sail and mast. I also have a standard sail and just need a standard mast. Do I just need the upper part or the lower part of the mast to make it a standard mast, or do I need both standard lower and standard upper for the mast?