Hull number?

Here’s a picture of the hull number and the boat


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Wow - thank you! We were able to determine that it was pre/1971 but couldn’t zero in any further.
FYI CMAC233's explanation applies starting in 1972 (I think) when the hull number was stamped on the top right side of the transom. Prior to that, it was just a serial number on the plate glued to the hull behind the splashguard. If you are interested, this thread gives probably more detail than you care to know about the subject :) Sunfish Age and Hull Identification
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You're welcome. To find the resource that we referenced, click on the Sunfish Forum tab at the top of the page, then look for Sunfish Knowledge Base, then look for History under General Information. Scroll down through that post until you see
Manufacturer History
For a look at the history of Sunfish Manufacturers and models open this PDF.
There is a lot of fun facts and trivia there. Your 1967 hull is one of our favorite years, the true Alcort boats from 1960-1969, the hulls were built sturdy, 139 pounds, so they last forever and can take a lot of abuse. We also like the vintage color schemes of those boats, simple. And those sails are some that we also like, they have a good feel and while they are not the new fangled racing sail cut of today, they have an improved shape and feel good on the hand.

Does your new yacht have a name yet?