Hull number needed

The sail number is (well, should be) the same as the hull number. The HIN (Hull Identification Number) embossed on the transom is something different, indicating the builder and date of manufacture, although up to 2007 it included the hull/sail number in North America.

If your hull is number 30018, then the boat’s HIN should be, assuming it was built in Canada, ZFS30018 + the building month and year (1975). You should find it just above, or maybe partially under the lower rudder fitting, or in the starboard corner of the transom. If it doesn’t include that sail number, then your sail originates from some other boat (and you should in principle change that number on the sail).

The other possibility is that the boat is even older, or built outside North America. If it’s a 1971 or ’72, or a pre-1983 European build, then the hull/sail number is under the bow eye. Also, check the aft wall of the cockpit for any stickers, plaques or other markings which might give a clue to the boat’s origin and age.

Posting pictures of the mentioned areas would certainly help :)

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Thank you. This is very helpful. Indeed the boat was built in Canada. I no longer own the boat so I'm unable to provide pictures, other than old photos of the sail. I will assume that the sail is original to the boat.