Hull number 1784 - need to ID month

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Hello - prior owner painted two coats of paint covering up the 12 digit hull ID. But, I do know my hull number is 1784. It is stamped on the metal plate on stern and on original main sail and bag. I have no papers or documents with 12 digit number.

Does anyone have a similar number? I think maybe mine was built in 1987 based on reading of other threads.

I could try to carefully strip paint on stern to reveal the 12 digit number, but that is iffy.

Thanks for your response.


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Ok, then you will need to strip the paint if that is possible given the paint type. It would be a weird place for bottom paint. If an epoxy paint, that would be a no go. Did you try the grave stone rubbing method? You might be able to tease out the number without stripping the paint.
Your first three will be "CPS" (manufacturer code for Capri sailboats).
Next number should be "D" (model type).
Next four will be your hull number "1784".
Next will be a one-digit month of manufacture code (see below).
Next will be the last digit of the year the boat was manufactured (NOT the model year).
Final two will be the last two digits of the model year (often one a year after it was made).


A = Jan D = Apr G = Jul J = Oct

B = Feb E = May H = Aug K = Nov

C = Mar F = Jun I = Sept L = Dec