Hull ID number means what?

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I've got another one for you guys. Though I'd try and resurrect the thread. I purchased a boat in Perth, Western Australia with hull number "5768A" on the transom, centerline between the metal gudgeons. The boat also has wooden handrails that appear to be original.

The numbers don't really make sense to me. Sure, most likely A=Aug but I'm not sure on the rest of it.

Does anyone know what year they started building boats in Australia?

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yes, very interesting!

I don't remember ever seeing an Australian hull with a letter after it. Sadly, I lost all my computer files after both the computer and backup were corrupted :(, so can't double check.

I have been looking at it, trying to persuade myself that the "A" is really a "4".......maybe it is just a mistake?

Given that PSA, along with PSJ, is essentially the only builder still the same business since it started all those years ago, they may have records. I think it would be worth reaching out to them to see if they can help.

A few more questions - is there a manufacturer sticker on the back wall of the cockpit?

Is there a number on the sail - and does the sail look original? a 57k sail number would have a sail label at the tack with a picture of a Laser sail below the word " Laser" (not the Laser starburst which started in the late 70's). If it is a genuine 5k hull number , there is an outside chance it originally had an Elvstrom sail.

What colour are the plastic inserts at the ends of the boom and bottom section. I think PSA ones have always been white. Other builders have been black, I think.
(I assume that there’s no relevant information in the cockpit or on the sail, and that the previous owner knows nothing...)
Sorry - I just re-read Lali's reply and see that he asked the same questions which I did.

My apologies to both.