How to repair a hole near drain hole

Trap Jaw

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I have a leak in the drain hole. How to repair it?

There is a ~5mm hole in the drain hole, near the deck. I checked that if I pour water inside the hull (through an inspection port) it comes out through the drain hole (though the hole I want to fix). How to fix it? The place is pretty tricky, I can access it though.

I thought of making a small ball of two-component adhesive and putting it right into the "illegal" hole while keeping the drain hole working. I don't think this is the best idea ever, such adhesives are hard and I don't think it would keep water. Any better ideas?

(To be frank, I did the hole while I was installing the auto-bailer, when the auto-bailer "rod" did not work correctly and I wanted to "adjust" the original hole of my 30+ Laser. Idiotic).


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