How much is a New Laser ???

One second to change the website, by the webmaster who probably has nothing to do with the World Council.

That process probably took a few months behind the scenes.

Also remember, these people probably do have lives outside of the Laser Class and not all of them are in paid positions.



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Dear Murphs:

You have forgotten something.

If I ask something in T.L.F. and I do not have any answer,
so I write to Mr. Jeff Martin and he do not answer to me.

The Central & South America Vice Chairman,
Mr. Carlos Palombo writes to Mr Jeff Martin and he dosen´t answer to him.

What do you think about the answer delay ???

Murphs, Wake up to reality!!!!!

...but when I posted the Hini's comic pic, WAS A SCANDAL !!!
Mr. Jeff Martin wrote me IN A SECOND !!!!!!!!!

Best regards
"Big Font" Loser :):):)...............very funny !!!!!


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Dear Hini and Jeff::D:D:D

I do not want to riot any more, the games have just begun !!!!
So enjoy them !!!!!!!

(I do not know why I write you if you both do not read this forum.....)

Without any doubt, this will be the last Olimpic Game where you find a Laser sailor from South America !!!

..........and this is on your merits !!!!
.........GREAT MANAGING !!!!


Julio Alsogaray

Alejandro Foglia

Matias del Solar

Please do not forget:

Inform or notify to Mr. Miguel Aguerre (URU) that he is the new Central & South America Vice Chairman. !!!!!
He is living in a farm without telephon nor internet, since two years from now.............

Give my congratulations to the ILCA's webmaster !!!.........COOL MAN !!!!!!!:):):):):):):)

"Big & colored Font" Loser


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Some people is asking me:
And what about Brazil ????

We do not know a lot about it, but I was "Googleing" and I have found something.
..........but do not worry about it, this is the last Laser Olimpic Game with brasilian sailors too.

Bruno Fontes

Robert Scheidt when sailed Laser Class.

But this is WRONG !!!!
Scheidt is a germanic or scandinavian surname, he is not a brazilian guy......

And if you want to buy a Laser Boat in Brazil, do not do it !!!!! much better pay u$s 5.800.- in USA !!!!!!

BoatSpeed Brazil:
In Brazil a Laser is u$s 11.400.- = $R 18.350.-

Dr Loser :)
....keep waiting some answer of some ILCA's authority.



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Dr Loser


Sailing a Laser is a sport.
And is a school for life.
I do not understand the arrogance of the behavior of Jeff & Hini.

Rarely is a very deliberate authoritarianism so accepted.

I would ask Jeff, Hini and the entire laser WORLD COMEETE
wher have you forgotten the Olympic spirit ?????

I have a hope.

Jeff and Hini will be replaced in the future.

I already am an old person, like you both, and I know that young people are our hope.

That young people is the only generate changes.

And you have forgotten all the young people of South America, that is for what I am here, for my children.

The young people are tired that mistreat and that the use not only the people of South americas, Jeff & Hini mistreat
young people around the world.

I'm not a person powerful, but at least I still remains for me to shame, something that Jeff & Hini have not.

Do not worry, I do not wait for your answer any more, you are so powerfull !!!!!!!!!

Dr. Loser or Alex,
an ordinary guy.


Navegar en laser es un deporte.
Y el deporte es una escuela para la vida.

Yo no comprendo la arrogancia del comportamiento de Jeff & Hini.

Pocas veces se ve un autoritarismo tan deliberado y tan aceptado.

Yo le pregunto a Jeff, a Hini y al TODO EL LASER WORLD COMEETE:
dónde olvidaron el ESPIRITU OLIMPICO ?????

Yo tengo una esperanza.

Jeff y Hini serán reemplazados en el futuro.

Yo ya soy una persona vieja, como ustedes dos, y sé que la gente jóven es nuestra esperanza.

Que la gente jóven es la única de generar cambios.

Y ustedes se han olvidado de la gente jóven de Sud America, es por eso que yo estoy aquí.
La gente jóven está cansada que la maltraten y que la usen, no solamente a la gente de Sud America, Jeff & Hini
maltratan a los jóvenes de todo el mundo, también a los de Europa y USA.

Por lo menos a mi aún me queda verguenza, cosa que Jeff &Hini no tienen.

Dr. Loser or Alex,
un tipo común.:):):):):):):)


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This post is for the members of T.L.F.

Today was the first day in the Olimpics Games for Laser Sailors.

My sincere congratulations to all these brave young sailors from all the world !!

Please, think about these partial results:

Laser - Men - Overall Results


2º ITA Diego Romero

( He is from ARGENTINA and this is his SECOND year for ITALY Team )

3º ARG Julio Alsogaray

18º CHI Matias Del Solar
19º URU Alejandro Foglia
27º BRA Bruno Fontes

I do not care about the final results.........or who will win the Gold Medal.

These young guys are from South America.

Do you understand why Dr Loser is fighting against the I.L.C.A.'s political items?

Young people from South America, must they be excluded in the future ????

Dr. Loser:):)


Rob B

Active Member
I thought you might get a little worked up Dr. Looser after the South Americans did so well. Congratulations to them for doing well.


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Thanks to all messages!!!!!!

We know that the Olimpic Laser Games are very long !!!!! win only one race is nothing !!!!!

Mr. Julio Alsogaray have sent a message to the world, and the message is:


And the authorities of the Laser Class must hear him.

You know Dr. Loser very well.
I am Alex, and my nickname is Dr. Loser
Here I show you my position in the ARG Master a shame !!!!!!.......see Sail 169451............32º you have my pic sailing for the glory !!!!!


We are Laser Sailors, and we know what is 15 knts. wind........or hicking 20 minutes in a 20 knots wind.
......or go to gym 2 times a.................month !!!!!!!

All these 47 young sailors are an example for us !!!!!!

I know that Laser Class is "a big business" for some guys....
But they do not must forget that is a "school of life" for us and our children.

The Olimpic Games are a party, we must enjoy them !!!!!!

Congratulations to all Olimpic Laser Sailors of the World !!!!!!

Dr. Loser :):):):):):):):):)


Upside down?
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Florencia was first around the first four marks, but not at the fifth, which was very close to the finish line. The French lady (Steyaert) caught up with her ever so slowly downwind between the fourth and fifth marks. There was almost no breeze and the boats were tossed around by the chop. Very difficult sailing.

Good to see another name for a change, doing so well :)


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You know Weavedancer, this is another problem that we in ARG must resolve.

Florencia Cerruti lives in ARG, she was born in ARG, she study, in ARG, her coach is from ARG........
but she is in the team of Paraguay.

We have four ARG sailors, but only two in the ARG team.

What a pity !!!!! :(:(:(

Dr Loser
You can only have two in the ARG team Dr...

You should be proud that your ARG countrymen/women are better than your neighbour countries too


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Murphs, you are RIGTH !!!!!...........excuse me !!!!:D

So, what we must resolve is do not lose sailors like Diego Romero, he is working in Europe, Italia.


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You know, I am a Loser !!!

Yesterday I woke up very early, I worked hard all day long and I was waiting till today 02:00 AM to watch the races.... the 4º race was delay and at 03:00AM I quit.....

Now is 07:00 am, and how have changed the positions in the fleet !!!!!!!!

Paul GOODISON 1º position in the fleet !!!!!
C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!!!!!!

So, for a funny day, I want to share with you a very funny pic of the great Capizzano !!!!!
...........he is a Great Sudaka Photographer.

Surely Mr Jeff Martin is celebrating Mr GOODISON's voctory,
Today he'll not problem....
... as we say: today "beer is free" !!!!!

But do not forget Jeff:

South America
is waiting your answer Jeff !!!!

Dr. Loser:)


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Today ILCA is a DEMOCRATIC organizacion.........
.......but it could be MORE democratic than now !!!!!

Possibly, the challenge of future authorites of ILCA is trying to transform the ILCA much more democratic than today.

For example:

We are Sudakas, but we understand that
the ILCA's arrogant answer is:

"The answer is
there is not answer,

......and this is democratic,
...................but few democratic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


En español para Sudakas:

Hoy la ILCA es una organización democrática,
pero lo puede ser aún más !!!!!!

Posiblemente, el desafío de las futuras autoridades de la ILCA sea tratar que sea la ILCA sea mucho más democratica que hoy.

Por ejemplo:
Entendemos cual es la respuesta de ILCA:

"La respuesta es que
no hay respuesta
para los

Dr Loser :)