How much is a New Laser ???

What are the buildings, with the red roofs, on the beach? I like the architecture. Are they something special or am I looking at the Uruguayan version of McDonalds restaurants?


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Full text of the Olympic Charter

Olympic Charter, Fundamental principles,
Paragraph 2.

"Olympism is a philosophy of life, exalting and combining in a balanced whole the qualities of body, will and mind.
Blending sport with culture and education, Olympism seeks to create a way of life based on the joy found in effort, the educational value of good example and respect for universal fundamental ethical principles."


According to the Olympic Charter, established by Pierre de Coubertin, the goal of the Olympic Movement is to contribute to building a peaceful and better world by educating youth through sport practised without discrimination of
any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play.

I wonder if the economic values to practice any Olimpic activity, will be not a form of discrimination in the future?

Dr Loser

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4,500 clicks is just that -- views, not individual people.
Holy moses! A conspiracy you say? What devilish fiend would sit there pressing F5 all day?

It's an ILCA Agent of Confusion... I'm certain of it!

They want us to think they're watching... but they're not!

I'm on to you! You can't out think ME!


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We have recieved this e-mail from BOATSPEED of Brasil:

This is the original in Portugés:

"A todos os nossos amigos e colaboradores da Boatspeed,

Informamos que em curto espaço de tempo a Boatspeed estará encerrando definitivamente as suas atividades em relação à distribuição dos produtos Laser no Brasil, bem como de produtos náuticos em geral e, se dedicando a outra área de atuação no comércio.

Antes de tudo, gostaríamos de agradecer a todos que nos prestigiaram nestes 12 anos de vida, nos quais a maioria das vezes os nossos clientes se tornaram também nossos amigos.............."

This is a part of the e-mail in English:

"To all our friends and customers of BOATSPEED:

We informate that in a short time BOATSPEED
will not commercialize LASER PARTS ANYMORE.............."

"....and in this 12 years the customers are now our friends..........."


...SO SAD......



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Mr. Tracy Usher (USA)
Member at the ILCA Word Council
NorthAmerican Chairman Laser disrtict class.

Mr. Carlos Fanucchi (BRA)
Central & South America Chairman Laser district class.

Mr. Carlos Palombo (ARG)
Argentine Chairman

In a few days will take place the ILCA-North America, Annual General Meeting
St. Francis Yacht Club, July 24, 2008


In the Agenda you have:
# 5. Any other business, open session.

Mr. Tracy Usher, you know our big problem in South America.
As a common Laser sailor, please I ask you, if it is possible,
try to give ten minutes in the "Annual General Meeting" to our topic.

It could be very important if NorthAmercia District helps Central & South America to reorganize the delivery of legal Lasers to our region.

Best regards
Dr. Loser :)



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Join the new contest:
Who said this ?????

"...Like many thinks in life,
if you have a problem
and do not do anything about it
it will get worse."

Here the answer:

What is the ILCA ????

Provides co-ordination, organisation and communication for the class worldwide.

Liaison with National and International authorities.

Monitors building agreements.

Positively promotes Laser sailing worldwide.

This is one of our greatest strengths.
In many other classes a lack of international communication has caused groups of sailors in different counties to become isolated and the class in that country to become extinct.
This fall off in activity eventually affects the class in established countries leaving only the truly international classes well supported.

Co-ordinates International Events Calendar.

Administers the class worldwide.

And there is a bonus!
It is quick to rig, it keeps you fit and is inexpensive !!!

6 Continents, 122 Countries..........

....or in the future

5 continents, 98 Countries !!!!

All the best
Dr Loser :)



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This is the "Minuta" of the Annual Meeting of ILCA-NA

"......Brent Richards from LaserPerformance gave a report summarizing the recent changes within their company.
The number of product lines at the Rhode Island manufacturing site has been decreased allowing more attention to be given to the core lines being produced there.
The company has production standardization on a global basis which ensures that there is no difference in products
from one continent to another.
Of particular note on this idea is that the spars are now being imported to the US site and then sold to North American
dealers leaving no difference between North American spars and European spars.

Richards said that there is continued work on the development of composite uppers, sail design and blades...."

I want to ask something to Mr. Brent Richards from LaserPerformance:

If I live in Uruguay, Perú, Brasil, Argentina, Chile and I want to buy a Laser for my daugther,

Where may I buy it ????

.......Rhode Island ??????
Laser Performance U.K. ?????
How much is a new Laser?


En Español para Sudakas:

Brent Richards de LaserPerformance presentó un informe que resume los recientes cambios dentro de su empresa.

"...........El número de líneas de productos en Rhode Island el lugar de fabricación se ha reducido más, que permite que se
preste atención a las líneas básicas que se producen allí.

La empresa cuenta con la producción de normalización a nivel mundial que garantiza que no hay diferencia en los
productos de un continente a otro.

De particular interés en esta idea es que los palos están siendo importados a los EE.UU. y luego vendidas a los
distribuidores de América del Norte dejando ninguna diferencia entre América del Norte y Europa.

Richards dice que hay una labor continua en el desarrollo de compuestos, diseño de velas, orzas y timones..........."

Quiero preguntarle algo al Señor Brent Richards de LaserPerformance:

Si vivo en Uruguay, Perú, Brasil, Argentina y quiero comprarle un laser a mi hija,

Dónde puedo comprarlo ????

........Rhode Island ??????
Laser Performance U.K. ?????
Cuánto cuesta un Lasar Nuevo ???

Best regards
Dr. Loser :)

"The number of product lines at the Rhode Island manufacturing site has been decreased allowing more attention to be given to the core lines being produced there.
a company that is pursuing this business model is not interested in growing a market. It's a cost cutting exercise, resulting in lower overheads, higher profit margin. Establishing a new market is not a cost cutting exercise, it's an investment and requires a different model and executive mindset. So I'm fairly certain that Brent Richards is the wrong person to ask - maybe LaserPerformance are the wrong company to approach...period. Who else can provide what you need that is in the business of expansion rather than consolidation?
LaserPerformance may well be the assigned supplier to S.A. but if they are refusing to supply their market for economic reasons, it may be possible to get the ILCA to switch the S.A. region to the Australian manufacturer/exporter:

Performance Sailcraft Pty Ltd

Performance Sailcraft Pty Ltd are a company based in Ourimbah in the Australian state of New South Wales. Their main business area is yachts.

Performance Sailcraft Pty Ltd have 5 members of staff. International companies interested in importing from Australia are welcome to use the contact details below.

Operations Manager
Maria Skulander

At a glance:
Company name: Performance Sailcraft Pty Ltd
Main business activities: Yachts

The obvious problem being that L.P may get twitchy at being accused of not pulling their weight. It's all money and politics afterall and if there are enough ears turned toward L.P's executive, regardless of reality, then nothing will happen.


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Hi everybody !

You know very well this topic :


We know that the next ILCA World Council for Regional Presidents will be held in Spain in early October 2008.

Probably, or surely, the october agenda now is full,

Like an example, the agenda of the ILCA-North America Annual General Meeting & Minutes, were published in this link:

So I ask to the members of T.L.F.:

Will the next ILCA World Council AGENDA be publish ???
Where can we find it ?

Best Regards
Dr. Loser :)
I think unfortunately, that the October meeting you are referring to was held in October 2007 at the Masters Worlds in Roses in Spain in October 2007.

If you look at the minutes you referred to in your other thread

you will see that they were actually minutes of the June 2007 referring to the meeting that coming October.

The results of the meeting were then briefly referred to here

at point 5.

I think the last meeting of the World Council was probably the one held in Australia at the Worlds early this year and maybe there will not be another full meeting until the next worlds in Canada in 2009.


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Hi Sudakas !!! :):):):)

I have recieved the notice that in next OCTOBER 2008 will take place ILCA World Council for Regional Presidents Meeting in London.

Is so difficult to find something out about it.................Why ?

If I know more, I let you know Sudaka.

Dr. Loser


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Dear Mr. Michael950:
You are very funny !!!!:):):):)

Could you be so kind as to helping us to find out when the authorities will take care of South America Laser Problem ????

Horizon is helping not misunderstand.........

You know, yesterday Agu-05; I wrote to Mr Jeff Martin and I am waiting his answer..

......Do you know who is Mr. Jeff Martin ???

All the best for you, Mr. Michael950
Dr. Loser

Really, You are very funny !!!!:):):):):):):):):)

....please help us.
Unfortately, I have no clue what is going on. The large blue multi sized multi colored font with emoticons just make my eyes burn. A Drew Berrymore firestarter / xmen cyclopse inferno. My sincerest apologies. Good luck with your quest Doc. Cheers, 950


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Dear Rob B:
This is the text I have sent to Mr. Jeff Martin:

"Dear Mr. Jeff Martin:

I have recieved the notice that in next OCTOBER 2008 will take place ILCA World Council for Regional Presidents Meeting in London.

Is it possible to include SOUTH AMERICA TOPIC in the agenda ???

You know that we are in big problems, and we need your help.

Best regards "

If I get some answer, I'll send it to you.

Like we say in ARG:
"Chau Chabon"

Chau=bye bye
Chabon= guy

Dr Loser