Holt XD OUthaul/cunningham rigging help

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has anyone any pictures of Holt XD kits rigged up? or an instructional on how to set it all up? The problem I have is that the instructions I find online are using the harken kits which have two additional 16mm air block with becket so rigging is somewhat differant.

the kit i have can be seen below...

I've looked at laser XD.com but its also a harken set up which is no use to me :(


Sorry to resurrect an old thread. I am having the same questions. Could anyone please advise me which one each of the three red lines in the bundle on the left are?
I believe I have figured this out. The long red line is for the outhaul, the mid length one is the cunningham, and the very short one is a clew tie down (not needed if you have velcro strap already). I will confirm once fitted to boat just in case anyone else reads this in years to come!
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One is used for the Cunningham, goes from the hook on the kicker up through the sail and is tied to a block on the other end.

I can't think right now what the others wee used for, well, I know they must be used for the out haul, but just can't think where.

Can maybe get you some pics of mine in a few days when I'm off shift....
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No! But you've reminded me! Very short one is for tying the mast to the boat! ( at least thats what use it for) Middle is as I described above, and long for outhaul.

Get yourself a proper clew strap :)