Hoisting the mainsail.

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After finally putting my sweet Capri in the water on a mooring, I am finally learning how to sail her, and truly having a blast doing so. Yesterday afternoon I went sailing for the first time in a nice breeze that was around 10 to 15 knots with some rare puffs above that.

Sailing in the end was terrific, hiking in the wind with the sheet in my had at all time, and lots of pleasant sprays. One problem that I had do, before then, was hoisting the sail on the mast, the wind was pretty heavy, and I almost put the boat in a knock down. In the end I hoisted the sail up on the mast and then put it into the boom slide. It did work, but sure for few minutes ( I am still learning and I am not there yet ):( I was loosing my faith.

So I am wondering if there is any particular suggestions on how I should put the sails up, in a variety of situations, in both heavy winds and calms. I am also wondering how to leave the sail on the mast and get a cover for them, every time I try to do it, all seem extremely weird, and I finish to take the sail away completely away from the boat, and store it in its bag. Which is ok, but it take time away from sailing.

Thank you in advance for all your great suggestions. :D

Just to make sure, you are pointing dead into the wind and uncleating the sheet when you put the main up in the water, right? That way, it should keep luffed and you would have no problem with tipping it over putting the main up. Only problem is that if you are doing it at the dock, than can't really always work.


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Boston sailing

Hey if you need a sailing buddy in Boston let me know, I'm currently looking at a 14.2. :)

I may need some ballast when I go. Have been down sailing in the harbor out of charlestown.
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Sailh34, thanks for the great reply. I am actually do point the boat in the wind, but somehow it move out of the wind point and then things get a little hairy. Perhaps I need to bring the boat in place with less current and try it again. After all is doing things wrong that you learn too!:D

MB, I may take you on your offer, but I am usually sailing in the south shore. I also have another older capri from 1986, it may need a little bit of work, but everything is in there.
Raising the main

You said the boat is on a mooring, can you take the boat to a dock, tie off, and raise the sail there? That would seem to be a more stable place to try and raise the mast. I sail off the trailer, so I am typically tied to the dock next to the boat ramp when I raise the main and don't have the same problems.

Lately, I have kept the main rolled up on the boom. Folding is probably better for storage, but I have done this if I know I will be using the boat a lot over a short period. Just unroll, attach to the mast and raise the sail.

I have tried to lower the sail and raise it again out on the water, it is very difficult doing this solo and without power.

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