Hobie Teaching Moment

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We are vacationing in the Turks and Caicos Islands. I am a first year sailor with a Sunfish.
At our resort they have Hobie Waves of the guests. (Yahoo00).

The first 3 times out were ok, light winds always from the same direction (I must not be in Kansas anymore).

This morning after a rain storm passed the wind really picked up with 2-3 ft. waves in the well protected Grace Bay.

I was really flying for a while. On my return pass to the beach, I decided to try a jib. I pulled the sail in tight, turned the rudder cross wind and started to move to the windward side of the cat, not fast enough. One of those three foot waves hit the upwind side of the boat and I learned a Hobie can indeed be tipped.

Lost my good hat climbing up on the pontoon but couldn't get a grip and the sail wanted to stay down wind. Two beach boys came out in another Hobie. The big guy got it righted while the small guy flipped his boat just like me.
I just swam to shore and later gave them a big tip.

Learned the a Hobie can be tipped more easily than I thought, get to the windward side of the boat more quickly in a jibe and be ready to dump the sail is it starts over.

Didn't drown and learned something. May have to tip big tomorrow too.

Of the 5 old Sunfishes I restored this summer and sent on their way, two I traded even steven for Hobie 14's. Amazed! I'm looking forward to flogging one this spring, and see what happens...
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I really like the Hobie Wave, but you probably get wetter on the trampoline that in a Sunfish. Its a trade off for much more room to stretch out and relax.