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Hobie Holder 12 vs Sunfish


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Hey all, new to the forum so sorry if there is a better place to post this that I didn't see...

I just acquired a holder 12 and a sunfish. I want to keep one and sell one and wanted some opinions. On which one to keep and which one to part with.

The holder is in good shape only needs a new sail... No trailer for it.

The sunfish has a small 2" x 2" hole (not really worried about this. I do a lot of glassing) and is missing the rudder and daggerboard. If I chose to keep I would probably make missing parts from mahogany. No trailer.

I am just looking for something to goof around on, no racing aspirations or anything. Just a solid boat.


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I'm going to move this to the Sunfish Area for more comments.

Since there is no trailer for either boats, how are you planning to get them to the water if you don't live on it? We do have some guides on how to "car top" a Sunfish on this site. Although from a quick look at the Hobie, the guide would probably work for that boat as well.

So, the question is do you want to do a project or just hit the water?


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I wouldnt mind either really, I would like to hit the water but also don't mind a project. I aquired a almost brand new sail for the holder a few days ago. Does anyone know the dimensions of the holder 12' daggerboard or where I can find them, the one I thought was for it must not be as it doesn't fit/match the profile after looking at it closer.

I am anticipating them putting them on top the car, I only have a 10 minute drive to the water.

signal charlie

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If you're determined to car top, Sunfish

If you're tall/big and might want to take folks, Holder.

As you can see, you may have problems finding Holder used parts. Sunfish on the other hand, plethora of parts.

Sunfish is easy to rig and has a great resale value.

I'd lean towards Sunfish.

Have fun

Oh why not both :)


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Here is a question, what is the hull weight on each? I'm guessing maybe your Holder is lighter. If so, or if they are similar, I'd go with the Holder myself (and I'm a long-time card carrying Sunfish person).

Before you start on a Sunfish project, check the hull weight. If it is even half-way decent, under 135 or so (or if there is a prospect of getting it there) I'd put some effort into it to fix up and sell. There is a used demand for decent Sunfish and you might be able to offset a good portion of your overall sailing costs. The Holder is a one-design orphan which in your case means that you can have a nice boat that doesn't necessarily have the resale you would expect but is still a terrific value. For messing around, the Holder will be fun and it is probably more easily transportable than the Sunfish, with two or especially if you are alone. Plus you can probably take a passenger out more easily if you choose.

With the Holder it sounds like you have an almost complete boat. The board sounds like a problem though, in that like the Laser, and unlike the Sinfish, it's a foil that won't be easy to replicate. If it were me I'd ask on the Hobie forums if anyone has discovered a substitute, a board from another kind of boat that can be modified. Either that or you will become very familiar with West Marine products over plywood. From what I see online the board extends about two and a half feet under the hull.

Kirk Fraley

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I bought a Holder 12 used as my first boat and sailed it weekly for a number of years. That was 18 years ago and I still have it
! I prefer it to a Sunfish because it is much more comfortable and a bit faster. Two adults can sit comfortably, its a super easy boat to sail, and it's easy to maintain. Occasionally I find parts on Ebay and there are still a few parts available through Hobie.