Hobie Baby Bob Adapter


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I bought the float for my mast (after my son turtled), but it looks like a hassle to attach.
I saw some old posts mentioning an individual that will make an adapter.
Does anyone have that contact information for that person?
Thanks, T McGuire
I think that the most recent post which may be relevant is on 6/15/21. I know that I have seen several other posts prior to this which are probably still on the site. My keeled 14.2K , 2015 Mod 3, doesn't need a baby bob, as far as I can tell-200 pound keel instead of center board-very stable in all conditions over the past eight years.
Oh yeah the keel version must be a draem to sail with all that extra stability. But much harder to launch and drag around in the grass on trailer like I need to do in my back yard. I got my 190 lb gut to provide stabliltiy, also have the ability to reef and douse jib while underway if needed. This is my 6th season with Capri and have yet to dump her. Got a real good feel for the boat, know instinctively how to handle her if things get hairy. Check out all of my earlier posts to see how I mounted the Baby Bob. I can easily install/remove. I've done a ton of mod's on the boat, the posts show them all.