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I recently purchased a used Catalina 14.2. It did not have hiking straps, which I figured was no big deal since I don't race. However, after one trip and three capsizings, I've decided I do indeed need hiking straps (as well as more skill as a sailor, my past experience was all keel boat on big water, and I quickly found sailing a centerboard boat on a small lake with serious wind, is a whole different ball game. By the way, the baby bob does indeed prevent turtling, or did for me anyway.) To get to the point I can't seem to find a source for hiking straps made for the 14.2, though I have found generic hiking straps. Is there a source of OEM Catalina parts? If I install generic parts, how are they installed. I have found hardware for the barney post, but nothing for the bulkheads. Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks, Bill
Catalina OEM parts

Hi Bill --

Catalina sells parts that are not listed on http://www.catalinadirect.com/, and since they're still making Capri 14.2's I imagine you'll find what you need from them.

Their phone number is 1-800/959-SAIL (7245). They were great when I ordered and I got the parts in about 3 days. You'll find it helpful to know what model Capri you have, the history section under the home link above can help you determine that.

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hiking straps

I just replaced all 3 straps. The part for the hiking straps is #15166-$111.51 you have the option of red or blue. This also included the three wooden dowels that help to make the straps somewhat adjustable. THere is a stainless 90 degree angle plate on the inside of the transom with several slots in it to thread the rear strap through. The 2 Front straps get mounted below the cuddy door with a small stainless plate (2) and bolts through the bulkhead. Here is a pic of mine, but I think there is a clearer illustration in the handbook, which is avail elsewhere on this Capri club web sight.


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Thanks !

I just wanted to be sure to thank you gentlemen for your reply to my hiking strap question. I did contact Catalina for the basic hardware parts but elected to go to Masthead Gear for the straps themselves. I should be getting them some time week, the straps that is, the hardware Catalina tells me will take about a month.
Thanks again, Bill
Old thread, can someone take a picture of how the back hiking strap is threaded through the slots? For the front straps are they just crimped by the metal fittings?