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Has anyone re-attached the hiking stick after the flexible rubber part severed? It looks like I could just drill a hole through both the tiller and the hiking stick and put a bolt with a self-locking nut and a washer between the two.

A better solution would be to find a place where I could buy the rubber part or even just the hiking stick. Catalina direct seems to just have the complete rudder assy.

When you write hiking stick, are you referring to the tiller extension? The stick that attaches to the tiller which lets you steer the boat while hiking out?

I bought a $90 tiller extension from west marine, I had to drill a new hole in the tiller.

I have friends that spent about $10 at Home Depot with a telescoping mop handle with a bolt through the end and some swivel hardware. I don't know exactly how they did it, but you should be able to give a walk up and down the isles and see what might work. It is always a funny conversation with Home Depot employees that have no idea of what you are attempting to do.

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Yes, I'm referring to the tiller extension. I just need the rubber attachment part. It rotted off or flexed too many times. Anyway, the extension came off in my hand.

I'm going to call APS in a few minutes. I think they can take care of me. I just want to make sure I'm getting the correct part.

I have the older Forespar tiller extension. I replaced the stock fixed extension with a telescoping model with a thick foam grip. It is easy on the hand. I prefer the telescoping, you can keep it clipped onto the tiller when you are not using it, keep it short when moving around the boat, and fully extend when you are hiked out. It also has the quick release button, so you can take it off and get it out of the sun.

How I determined the length of tiller extension that I would need.... I sat on the boat, furthest away from the tiller that I thought I was ever sail the boat from. Then measured how far I was to the tiller. Then I made sure I found a tiller extension that would reach. The fixed tiller extension that came with the boat did not give me as much reach, that was the main reason I switched to the telescoping model.

There are two listed on the WestMarine page, I think I have the longer model.

You can find more at the forespar site:

A friend of mine made a wooden tiller extension for his Catalina 22. He had a pin either in the extension or the tiller in front of the swivel joint. This way he can turn the tiller extension all the way forward, and slip in the pin. Then he can steer the boat from just inside the opening of the cabin. Basically doubles the length of the tiller.



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I use the 24" Ronstan X-10. I have no idea if this is a standard part for the Capri or it has been replaced for this boat.

I ordered the universal Ronstan replacement from APS along with some other nifty items I found there. We'll see how it works out.

Thanks for all the helpful comments and suggestions. This site is a great resource.


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I just wanted to report that I got the part to re-attach the tiller extension back to the tiller. It was a snap to install.

From APS. Part #: RF3133. Universal replacement kit.

Perfect. A great $10 fix.

Thanks for all the comments on this thread.