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anyone know of a good brand of hikers in shorter sizes for adults? tried the latest offerings from gul, gil,musto and have found that they seem have been cut for slim cut waists (28-30") chests about (33-36) but out of proportion thighs (22-25") the result is i can just about sqeeze into but is a sloppy fit for the battons and i dont regard my legs as being skinny with 30ish years of elite cycling.
it really seems like manufacturers have skipped the gap between junior and small and then marked up the mediums as small, stepping up sizes also seems to more common now i,am using more often nowadays x-small-small now rather than med-large.
any thoughts?
hi guys heres an update and review on a few i have tried

gul-in a size small adult these have a very loose fit on the thighs so the batterns have a tendancy to see-saw underneath, have a wide-ish cut on the hips and a narrow waist. quite an odd cut i thought

gill are almost the same as the gul in cut but do have a lower cut waist

rooster full lenght in small now these are quite snug on the legs and the battern dont budge an inch, shorter inside leg compared to gul and gill, respectable cut on the hips but quite restricting on the waist. so these will fit anyone with less muscle mass/ teens etc
i got on with the fit of these quite well, but the super soft neoprene on the back of the calves and waist gave me an allergic reaction so watch out for that.

sandiline full lenght, now these are sweet the neoprene is quite dense and will stretch to a larger build especially with a added stretching gusset on the waist for those who like the club bar :) the battens are solid and extras, padded knees and shins were good while kneelng in the laser on long runs.

grabbing some hydrophobic thermals next and maybe the warm weather sandiline hikers i,ll post my views on these later
I have the opposite problem, I am 186/76kg and usually have medium tall in wetsuits. Havent found any hikers in size MT so I have to go with size large which fit a bit loose and are on the short side for me. :(
I have previously used rooster and recenty bought a pair of sandiline airXlight for the warmer days. The roosters seem to fit a bit more snug. Maybe because of the thin stretchy neoprene in the sandilines.