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J24 Mary

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I'm changing all of my halyards and desperately need a diagram of the mast slots/halyard location. I'm not sure they were properly rigged before. I got the main done ok.Anyone know where a diagram can be found?

I also got stuck at the top slot. There are two sheaves, I attached the jib to the lower one. Then attempted to change out the spinnaker line using the upper sheave. I'm not even sure if that location is correct for the spinnaker or is it for the genoa? I pulled too hard (dumb- I know) lost the lower end of the line and it's still stuck at the top.


Are you still dealing with this? It's been a couple of weeks.

I can tell you that the Main halyard and topping lift exit on the port side of the mast, and the jib and spinnaker halyards exit on the starboard side at the bottom. The jib halyard exits the mast at the top under the headstay, and the spinnaker halyard exits above the headstay.

You really want to do whatever you can to make sure that they aren't tangled around one another inside the mast. You'll have real problems then.

If you have a thru-bar for the spreaders, you probably want everything (inside) to be aft of the spreaders, except maybe the topping lift, which exits the mast not far above the spreaders. I think the pre-bend in the mast will cause the halyards inside to naturally lay against the aft side rather than the fore, so you don't want them binding against the thru-bar.

On a newer mast, the Spin halyard exits about 6 or 7 feet above the deck for ease of hoisting. On old masts, it might be much lower, as they ran through turning blocks on the deck and back to the cockpit originally.
Beyond that, I could offer some more thoughts, if you haven't resolved things yet.


J24 Mary

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Thanks so much V, I had contacted Will Welles at North sails and got good advice, your picture is great, good advice about keeping the halyards aft of the spreaders!


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Hi Mary can you share the advice given, I have a similar problem in the J24 i dont think the halyards are coming out from where they are suppose to.