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I can operate a sailboat but not a computer. I can't seem to figure out how to post pictures with my replies. Any help in easy to understand language would really be wounderfull. Thanks
i would sign up to an image hosting site like , its free..

next, you'll need to upload your photos to your photobucket album.

then, after you upload your photo, you will need to right click and copy the DIRECT LINK of your photo.. see picture below.

Once you have the direct link, go to the forums and start a message. Up top on the tool bar you'll see an image of some mountains, this is your insert image button, click on it. if you have popup blocker you'll have to turn it off for a moment.

once you press the image insert button "mountains pic" a window will come up. you'll need to paste the link to your picture here, see picture..

submit your message and preview to make sure it worked..
73sunfish put together a great explanation - hopefully that helps. my only thing to add is that I've often used tinypic (just an alternate to photobucket that he references). I haven't used photobucket, so I can't compare the two... but have been happy with tinypic.


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Thank you for the wonderfull post. I'll set this up and try it later tonight. You guys are great. Can't thank you all enough for all the help since buying my fish. Photos to come.
Posting photos does not seem to be hard on the forum, finding the photos on your computer maybe (it is for me on my computer-I have Vista)
First, be sure you scroll down under the box where you type your message to the section,"Additional Options"
Next, click on "Manage Attachments"
A window should open
Click on "Browse"
A second window willl open with places on your computrer. This is where you need to find the picture on your computer.
Open the folder with the picture if needed and click on the picture and then click 'open' and then click on 'upload'. Wait until the listing in the 'browse' space clears, and the picture should be attached. The attachment should be listed below where you type, in the 'Additional Options', between 'Attach Files' and 'Manage Attachment'. You can click on it to view it. I just put one in, to be sure I was doing it right, of my Sunfish on its skid in front of the power boat. Good luck with what ever way you choose