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Help needed - Leaky cockpit bung


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Hi folks, my first post here and I've just bought my first laser so I have alot to learn!

I've done various google searches for the answer but can't seem to find anything that makes sense. Basically water is coming through the bung in the cockpit that controls whether the bailer is open or shut.

The laser is old so the bung seems very hard/too small for the hole, so I'm thinking a straight forward replacement bung which fits in snug should fix the problem.

However I went sailing last weekend and decided to tape up the bailer underneath, I assumed this would stop all water coming in regardless of whether there was a bung in or not. Water still came in through the bung hole.

Does this mean its something more major and in laymans terms could you give me a few checks I can carry out to decide whether a more extensive fix is needed or whether a new bung is fine.

Many thanks for your help


P.S. When I open the transom bung after sailing for a few hours there is a small amount of water (not gushing) I just presumed this was normal for a 1980 boat.



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That looks like one of the old plastic fittings that they had in the boats for a while, I had a boat with one of those and it had split (and eventually snapped off). This was letting water into the hull.

You can replace it with the modern fitting which is made from brass and is significantly better just make sur you seal it all then you put it in.

And remember to put some sealant around the bailer screw too, it is surprising how much can come in through there.

Other common leak point are:

Rudder Pintles (easy fix, take them off carefully and re-seal them)

Rudder spring clip (same as above)

Transom drain bung (same fix as abovr)

Hull/deck joint (check for splits/loose stuff. Dig any out using a hacksaw blade and fill with resin)

Bottom of centrboard trunk (as above but you may need to use a bit of glass mattinf and gelcotat to make an effective repair)

Bottom of mast step (repair well documented, see the FAQ thread for a link)

If the hull looks sound it is likely to be the cockpit drain bung fitting on the outside hull fittings so an hour of so with a screwdriver and silicon sealant should sort you out.


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Thanks jeffers,

Do you mean one of these:

Also it looks like the only way I can get the old bung off is to cut it. Can the metal rod then be replaced and do you need to remove the bailer to do that? The one attached atm is pretty rusty and bent.



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Yes that would be exactly what you need, you may need to gently tap it in to place as I think the plastic ones are slightly smaller) then use a large socket to do it up form the underside of the boat.

To get the old bung off unless it is rock hard it should just pull off with a bit of persuastion and brute force.

The metal rod can be replaced but I do not think you can buy the part seperately so just clean it up should do.

As you have to take the bailer off to replace the cockpit drain bung fitting you can do this then. Also probably worth replacing the rubber o-rings with some nice stainless springs, these help keep the bailer shut and dont break if you forget to shut the bailer.

the buns you can buy seperately and are not expensive. You may find using some washing up liquid on the metal shaft might help if you can move the bung up and down. Also warming it up may help (use warm water) if the rubber is hard.


Anyone know why the washer like ring is not round? What orientation should it be in during install?


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you should oritentate the the wash so that the nut when done up sits flat against it. This is because the angle of the blukhead is not perpendicular to the fitting. The washer allows this and give you an even pressure.