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I have included a pic of my issue. I noticed this hair line crack and removed the bottom paint to expose the crack. Is this serious or what should I do next? The boat is in good shape and ungoing a refit. I assume this is how the boat was built as this crack line is in the same spot on the port side also. Any input is appreciated. Thanks!


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Where is the boat located? Your astute recognition that the crack was located in the same position on both sides of he hull could indicate that from that crack aft there is a rear bulkhead in the keel sump. From that crack forward it is a hollow sump (garboard plug indicates that). Somewhere forward of the drain plug is the ballast internal to the keel. My guess is that sometime in the boats life, the keel sump was full of water and it froze. The rear bilge bulkhead was a stress riser and that is where it cracked.
You do not know when the damage was done (crack), so the question if it is serious really depends on that fact. If the crack occurred 20 years ago then I would say it is not serious. If it occurred last winter then indeed it could be serious.
For piece of mind you could grind it back 6" on either side of the crack and go a 1/4" deep or so (there is plenty of skin there). Then lay up progressively narrowing layers of fiberglass bringing it back to its original thickness. An epoxy repair is always best because epoxy is an excellent adhesive.
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Thanks for your feedback Dale! I would say the crack just recently came about as I've been working on and around the boat all summer and just noticed it recently. I agree with your frozen water theory, but that isn't the case here I know for sure, at least not in the last winter or two.
I can see from the inside there is no cracks in there and apears solid as the rest of the hull. I think I will do as you say and chase the crack inward and "V" then fill accordingly. That is the only thing a person can do in this case I suppose.
If it is a crack fully visible as you grind in I would continue to chase it and widen. A 1/4” band aid on a thick hull just creates another stress riser.