Help! buying a used laser II...maybe


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I'm looking at buying a used laser II and have some serious questions that I hope someone can help me answer.
How do you tell the year of the laser II ?
The manufacturer ?
Can I sail this boat comfortably on my own? I know it is designed for two people but I want to be able to take it out by myself too.
What can I expect to pay for a used one that is ,say ,10 years old and in good condition.
This one doesn't have a spinnaker so how much is a spinnnaker and pole?
There is lots of info out there on Lasers but I haven't found a great site for Laser II's.
So many questions,
I hope someone can give me some direction here!

ok i don't know all the answers but i don know a few. year and man. can be found on the hull identification number. if it starts off as VAN it is made by vanguard. and i believe vanguard is the only company ever to make the laser 2 and if they aren't then they are the authorized united states builder. and the year is usually the last 2 or 4 numbers of the hull number. and yes if it is just you you could sail it by yourself but it really isn't made for that. uh..10 years and in good condition ou could expect to pay $3000 usd. but with no kite then more like $2500 usd or maybe $2000 usd. but i think you may be getting the wrong idea from this laser 2. it isn't just like the laser at all. it is built for olypic racing and not so much as a daysailor. you may want to consider looking into something like a vanguard 15 or 420. deffinately before you buy check out
you might wanna check the vanguard website to make sure this is right... but im pretty sure laser 2's have a trap and spinnaker, its just vanguard 15s that dont.
kinda offtopic, but does anyone know if there are any other major differances b/w laser 2s and v15s?

the V15 is really just a high performance yet easy and very fun to sail. it has no kite. the laser 2 has a trapeze and is really designed for pure racing and extreme sailing. the next step up would be a 470 or a 49er. it is intence. and the V15 is way more stable and has a lot less controll lines and other clutter in the cockpit. they are totally different experiences.

yes i like quoting myself[/quote:b976bea9ab]
Laser2 info

Sailing a L2 single handed is a handfull. Its got a lot of sail on a fairly narrow hull and it doesn't take much breeze before you are over powered.

It was possible to get a L2 without the spin and trap, mine came that way. It was a Canadian built boat from performance sailcraft. Adding the spin and trap after the fact is an expensive propostion, you'll likely need deck hardware, cleats, the works.

I can't say for sure, but expect a 10 year old boat with no spin or trap might be worth 2500 to 3000 CDN. If the boat has been well looked after that age won't be a problem. Mine is 21 years old and still going strong.

If you're not into the trap and spin, see if you can scare up a Tasar. Great boat which is actually handicapped faster than the L2.