Hello! Have some questions--used parts pricing

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Hey Guys,

I am new to the forum and I have a laser for sale locally (I will add it here as well too soon)

I have a 1982 laser with a bunch of extras and have some questions on values...

Someone asked me if I could part some of the boat out and I don't know all that much about the values of these items. I was wondering if you could help me out...

The boat has a full sail setup as well as radial setup. What would the lower mast section of the radial setup be worth? The mast section is in great condition: straight and solid, but the sail is ugly. I don't believe it to have any tears or anything like that; just not pretty lol.

The next item is an Optiparts full carbon fiber tiller and extension. Part #652910. This thing is sweet...previous owner never used it and it's pristine!

Storage locker...the one that holds all the basic equipment underneath with mast/boom up top.

Thanks for you help!!

theese are a gestimated price but without a proper look i wouldnt know
storage locker £100
bottom radial section £50-£100
carbon tiller extension £25
carbon tiller £30-£80
clean the sail at the local drycleaners then startch it youll probibily get £50 for it if you tidy it up
i thaught it was common practice to clean and startch laser sails the reason that i tell people to dry clean them is because the proper way to clean sails cant usually be done as people simply wont have the equiptment like 2 fish tank heaters and 2 baths or large tanks outside or in a garage not in the house unless you dont mind wet carpets because you have to take them outside to dry them on the washing line afterwards.
anyway if you want to know this is the process
oxygenated bleach NOT CHLORINE as it deteriarates the sail cloth and would probibily make them instantley useless
4oz of oxygenated bleach per gallon of water heated at 25oc to prevent the enzymes from de-naturing and leave it submerged for 30 mins rubbing at the dirt patches with a nail brush.
then take the sail out and put it straight into washing powder again about 40z per gallon more if there really dirty the water also needs to be heated at 25oc and needs to be soaked and scrubbed for 30 muinets.
then hang to dry.

just thaught i would add a disclamer so here it goes:
if you bugger up your sails its not my fault you do this at your own risk.