Has anyone heard of the Topper?

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I have looked online and the Toppers appear to be a pretty popular brand in the UK but not here. Also, does anyone have any experience with the topper? As usual the company website says many glowing remarks about the boat- but which ones are true... Additionally the Topper is an Ian Proctor design that seems to be similar to another UK sailboat: The minisail. Any thoughts?


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Toppers are made from injection moulded plastic and are pretty soft with even less freeboard than a Laser.

That said they are great fun little boats and are used as a pathway class by the RYA for youths who want a step between the optimist and the Laser (Radial).

For most adult sailors there are much better boats out there.

But as a boat that most kids can handle once they are too big for an Optimist they are unequaled (in my opinion) and the kids in the UK have a massive racing scene (some 250+ boats at their nationals and inland championships).
I'm a little biased. I own and sail a Butterfly, as well as a Sunfish and Laser. The Butterfly is my favorite since I'm female and lightweight and the Butterfly is relatively stable and allows me to be competitive against the guys. Plus the boat has been in my family for over 40 years. The boats are durable and the folks in the local fleet are fun to sail with.

Which to buy would depend on your purpose ... racing or recreation. If you want to race, I'd buy the boat that has a fleet near you. If you just want to sail there is a lot to like about a Fly. Can't really compare it to the Topper since I don't know that boat.
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On a different note, what would be a good boat for two complete newbies to learn on.(80 lbs and 120 lbs)