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I'd like to rig up a harness for hiking out. I dont have a harness, and have only seen a few diagrams for boats other than the CAPRI 14.2. Does anyone have good pictures to share showing the harness rigging? I am considering buying a Windsurf board or KITE surf board harness and rigging it myself. I am not sure however, what the gear is like, what thickness wire to use, and how precisely to configure the hook system. I noticed in one figure I saw that there is a SHOCK cord option, which goes from Port Side to Starboard so that the hook can slide side to side when change sideswithout havign to unhook. Can anyone provide guidance and/or suggestions on how to proceed. OR BETTER YET, pictures of their rigging!? Thanks Daniel
Hi Daniel,
You're not planning to man the helm while trapezing, are you? If so, running around afore the mast is out of the question.

I don't have a trapeze rig on my C-14 (yet) but I've been looking at it, too. Although I might have seen a rig like you describe that doesn't require unhooking, that is certainly the exception and not the rule. Normally you unhook and duck under the boom and re-hook to a separate trapeze wire on the opposite side. Otherwise you would need to jump over the shrouds and slip by the jib hoping not to foul your feet in the jib sheets. Possible yes... but in the heat of battle...

And the bungie arrangement you describe allows more elasticity while hanging off one or the other trapeze wires - and does not facilitate staying hooked while changing sides. Basically, both trapeze wires need to be bungied to the deck while not in use so you can find them when you need to hook up. With two separate bungies, one on each side, they might not be long enough to keep the trapeze tight while not in use, and yet allow for full extension while hanging out on the trapeze. So... connecting the trapeze wires to the same bungie that threads through fairleads on the deck and a cheek block near the bow, you get considerably more elasticity while hiking out. But you still need two trapeze wires to attach to each end of the considerably longer bungie.

My advice is call Annapolis Performance Sailing and tell them what you want to do. They sell everything you need, including the harnesses you wear, and their service is superb. Figure on spending about $300 - $500. And while you're at it, have them send you one of their videos showing trapezing. My suggestion would be "Awesome Aussie Skiffs I or II, but I'm sure they have some that are more educational. Then once you have it all installed and have the procedure down pat, send me an IM with all the details. Every sport needs a pioneer and I'm too broke, so it looks like you're it! ;)

May the force(s) be with you!
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Rigging the Trapeze

Well that was a great response. I will get to this sooner or later, and if I do, I will definitely send you the pics! Thanks for the suggestions, it all makes much sense. I first have to resolve some centerboard problems which I am going to try to do next month. I never had the centerboard mounts installed (I bought theboat used and they were missing), and just had them made to order at a local metalshop as best I could from some figures and pics one forum member sent to me. We'll see if they work! Do you happen to have pictures of yours?

Hi Daniel,
Sorry, I don't have pics of my centerboard bracket. If the ones you get made don't work, I would try contacting Catalina. Maybe they have some laying around.

Good luck!
Centerboard brackets

You might look for Coronado 15's for parts - it's design is almost identical to the Capri 14/Catalina 14.2.


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Rigging the Trapeze

jdtaillant said:
Well that was a great response. I will get to this sooner or later, and if I do, I will definitely send you the pics! Thanks for the suggestions, it all makes much sense.

Before the Capri 14.3, Catalina made the Coronado 15 which came from the factory with a trapeze. I don't think they still make the boat, and it's unlikely they have the trapeze parts any more.

Check out the C-15 website and direct a question about finding a trapeze assembly to someone in their association.


Good Luck!