Halyards for the Capri 14.2

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May well be my mistake so I wanted to ask for clarification from other owners before I commit further folly. I own a mod 2 and ordered the halyard set from Catalina Direct. Main halyard is about right, but jib halyard seems to be about 15 feet short? Have a buckle on the mast and there don't appear to be any mast alterations so I am at a bit of a loss what to do with the new halyard? Cannot tie it off at the foot of the mast, way too short. My fault for not measuring, and they do go on about Capt. Jack Sparrow, and after measuring the old one it is about 31 feet long. Am I setting up the jib halyard incorrectly?

2nd question is - after purchasing the halyard set I of course then came across the Quantum Sails tuning guide for the 14.2 that states the line types from the factory are too thick, meaning 1/4 inch??? Jib halyard should be 5/32" Pelican, main halyard 3/16" XLS or Pelican. Mainsheet 3/8" trophy braid. Are these recommendations for race rigging, recreational use, or both? Does it really effect the running of the boat?

Replacing the shrouds and running rigging and want to do it right so any assistance is appreciated. Thank you.
Pretty hard to set up a jib halyard wrong on one of these boats. up the mast to the jib block and back down again. mine is one piece, 31' of 5/16" double braid. I wouldn't mind if it was a foot longer, but 31' is what they call for on my model 1 (#53) also .