Halyard Sheave Question


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Hello everyone,
I am going to replace the sheaves for my spinnaker and genoa halyards, and I was curious if they also have the bronze bushing like the main halyard sheave. I did replace that one when I bought the boat, but I dont remember seeing them on the other 2 halyards. I would like to order parts now so that I have them for when the mast comes down in about a month, rather than waiting until then and then ordering. Any advice/comments are greatly appreciated!
I'm not seeing any mention of bushings here in this list of parts: Kenyon J/24 Mast & Components

There weren't any bronze bushings on the sheaves for the jib or spinnaker on my (former) boat, either. Just an aluminum sheave running on a stainless axle.

Thanks for the reply Vince. That is what I thought, I didnt remember them either, but wanted to ask around. Thanks again for your time!
Sorry to hijack this thread. I was just wondering since you have changed the sheave for your halyard. I just unmasted my boat and from what i can tell the sheave for the halyard does not move. Im fairly sure this is a stupid question but here it is: it should move right?
If you're uncertain I think it's fine to ask. So the answer is.... YES, it absolutely should turn.

The problem is most likely that the sheave is aluminum and the axle that it turns on is stainless steel and they have corroded. Those two together are a recipe for corrosion. I never really thought about it on my boat, but I suppose with regular use it's not a significant problem. Probably that sheave was unused for a significant period of time on your boat.

When you fix it it would be good to use a smear of Lanocote on the axle. It's good stuff that should also be used any time you put a stainless rivet into your mast or boom. I think it comes in a 4 oz tub which will last you 163 lifetimes or so.
Thanks Vince! Thought so but wanted to be sure. Yes, it has not been used for a while cause the halyards were wrongly rigged.