Halyard Attach Point


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I hope i'm explaining this clearly..

Are there any tips around for where the halyard attaches to the upper spar ?? I'm comfortable where on the spar the halyard attaches and the knot is no problem, but it seems i'm continually getting twist between the upper and lower spars at the tack point where they join..

Is there some guidance out there as to how to minimize the spar twist ?

If someone could give some ideas about this I would really appreciate it. I ran into this same problem last summer and it drove me crazy. As in the earlier post, the problem isn't where on the upper spar the halyard is tied and the knot is straightforward, it's that the upper spar would twist left and right. It seemed no matter how tight I tied the halyard I would still get the twisting. This wreaked havoc with the telltales I placed on the spar as they would also flop back and forth. The telltales, on shore, would be at right angles to the sail, but then they would flop left and right rendering them virtually useless. It was and is a real problem.

I asked many people and was told to make things tighter, make things more loose, try rigging a purchase, etc. Nothing worked (although I did not try the purchase).

This problem came out of the blue. It wasn't a new sail and I didn't have the problem the year before.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


Brian said:
I asked many people and was told to make things tighter, make things more loose, try rigging a purchase, etc.

My knot doesn't slip, it's just at the wrong "twist angle" compared to how the upper spar should be sitting..

Maybe this is only happening to sunfish sailors named Brian ??

:) :)
i had the same problem for the first time last year and i was told at the end of the year that you need to twist the knot around and keep experimenting till it doesnt do it anymore. i havent tried it yet so im not sure if it will work. let us know if u do it and how it goes
I can't say I've ever had this problem. I would suggest you hold the halyard in your hand, seeing that the spar is hanging in the proper position. Is your gooseneck clamped in the proper way (at right angles to the eye hooks joining the boom & spar?
This has caused fits with fish sailers since they started making them.
I have to agree with the move and try theory. There's one point where the halyard and upper spar knot will line up with the spar connection to the lower spar and not put any side force that tends to twist the upper spar from side to side depending on what tack you are on.
Once I found the line I scratched a mark along the upper spar to duplicate the results as I move the halyard attachment a lot depending on wind conditions
I would think that the position of the mast end cap and halyard tension would also have an effect on twist. If the halyard groove in the cap is positioned fore-to-aft and the halyard is loose (by stretching?), I would think a stiff wind could move the halyard out of the groove and to the side thereby causing the upper spar to twist.