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Hello all.

I've always wanted to learn to sail. Recently a Sunfish fell into my lap and I am now attempting to learn to sail her. My first foray into the water brought a great deal of excitment, adreniline, and of course a small amount of blood, and a large amount of embarassment. BUt man! was it FUN!!!!! : )

I'm in West Central Florida, not too far from Tampa. Are there any organizations for Sunfish owners in this area?

I'm planning on taking her out again today, after fixing the small tear in the sail, and reattaching the rudder....I think I'll find a place where the current arn't quite so strong this time....and of course the wind isn't blowing at 20 mph. I've discovered that to be a bit fast for your first attempt at sailing anything.

See? I'm learning already!
Hi Chris:

Welcome to the wonderful world of Sunfish! In our directory I see a listing for fleet #651 at Davis Island. The contact person lives in Tampa: Bonnie Sevier, 813-837-1909. I also see fleet #650 in Clearwater: Cheryl Twining 813-442-2943. The contacts above may be able to tell you if there is a closer fleet
Check the thread "How much wind should a beginner learn to sail in?" by Alex909. It is possible to learn on your own, but the best way to learn is to have someone take you out on your own boat. They will be able to correct any mistakes in rigging you may have made and give you plenty of tips on what to do when in the handling of your fish. If you are on your boat and they are on thiers, so much the better. Do not be discouraged if they sail around you in circles at first, you will soon catch up. The SF Bible and the SF Rigging Manual, available free (down load) from Team Vanguard ( are helps on set up, but do not have "sailing instructions" for beginners. As you have found out, SF sailing is F U N. Good Luck