Great day sailing in light winds today

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I launched the boat this morning one last time before the cool weather sets in, since the water temp is in the 60's and falling fast. Light winds, so I felt confident hoisting both sails single-handed, even with my limited experience. I forgot to pack the mainsail battens and boom vang. Rookie mistake.

A few times I could hear the centerboard 'hum' during a sustained gust. Very cool.

Had a great day on the lake. The boat instantly responds to even the smallest changes in wind. No time to stop and check for text messages on the cell phone, and that's a good thing!


Any day on the Capri is a great day! I jumped in the boat on a foggy breezy rainy day last week and it was still great (although the wife was smart enough not to join me). A few other intrepid pirates were on the seas and we passed in the fog... great day had by all.

These boat are pleasantly responsive and a joy to sail! Thanks for sharing


Thanks. SLO Sails sent us a bunch of sample fabrics/colors and we put it together. Great folks, great sails. I sent them pictures after I'd been out on the first sail and one of them pushed me several important rigging/trimming tips just based on what he saw in the pictures... Much appreciated.