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Good Laser on bad trailer, is the hull likely compromised?


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Saw an interesting Laser for sale in my area. Very little use, stored indoor for a couple of years.
However, to my disappointment, the advertised pictures showed that the boat has been hanging this whole time on a bunk trailer (no dolly) similar to the one shown in the figure below. I'm not an expert but that seems to likely compromise the hull, especially if it has been sitting there for 2-3 years. Have anyone seen anything like this before? What are the odds that the bunks have deformed the hull in a 2-3 year period?

Cactus Cowboy

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Fair odds... depends upon whether the boat & trailer sat in the hot sun or were stored in a garage. Heat is a big factor in hull deformation, especially heat coming off an asphalt parking lot. Can't you tell by looking at the hull whether there's any obvious deformation? If not, I'd buy it... hull deformation is usually localized and obvious, right around where the hull was resting on the bunks.


Upside down?
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Yes, just run your hand/fingers close to and over the areas that were in contact with the bunks. If there is a problem, you will notice it
And if you are not racing, deformations, if any, are of no consequence