Gin Pole for Mast Stepping? Anyone have instructions / images to share?

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I plan to trailer launch my boat and I will need to get the mast up and down with only human power.
I would like to see other ideas / designs for Gin Poles to do this. I have found very little online. I assume this is a common practice, and it's always better to learn from someone else's mistakes.
Thanks !
Mine is 19 feet of the top of a J/24 mast. Shrouds are attached at a point 4-1/2 feet from the top. It’s somewhat heavy, but it’s no problem since mast stepping is a two-person job anyway, and it works great.

It gets stepped over top of the stand-up block for the foreguy to port of the mast partners opening in the deck. Aft shrouds clip on to the stanchion bases at the fwd end of the cockpit with simple snap hooks. Its forestay attaches at the bow and has a 3:1 tackle (like a vang from a dinghy) that is used to snug everything up.

The halyard goes through a turning block at the bottom (right at the deck), then up through one at the top and back down. This way, the person doing the raising can both pull up from the bottom with one hand and down from above with the other at the same time to raise the mast, which is somewhat heavy. I suggest a ratchet block for the upper block.
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Thanks Vince!
Only way to improve on that would be to add some photos of it in action.
( I know, that's the first thing you're thinking when you have your rig hanging in the air ;-) )

I may do the same but add a winch to the side of the mast, and a cam cleat.
The winch isn't needed. Once you're all ready to go, it takes a minute or less to raise the mast. Another couple of minutes to drop it in and put the pins in the lower shrouds and you're done with the gin pole. The two blocks permitting you to use both arms to raise the mast makes a winch unnecessary. Mine's about as deluxe as I've seen.

If I have reason to raise the mast in the near future I'll take some pix. But I don't have any now.
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The winch was more for smooth lowering into the keel step. I suppose a ratchet block performs this task as well.

Do you "hook" under the spreaders, or rig a line to keep it below them?
I put a loop around the mast under the lower shrouds, then tie the tail end to one of the spinnaker pole rings. That way you can avoid getting the thing jammed up there with no way to retrieve it. You want the effective lifting point to be as high as possible.
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