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I'm a, ehumm..., larger, older guy and I capsize a lot.

Can you share any tips on how to get back into the laser once I've got it back on its feet from a capsize. I generally try to slide in over the side opposite the boom, but I find myself wanting something a little farther away than the plastic grab rail along the far side of the cockpit and the far gunwale is just too far to reach. Also, the grab rail itself only provides a fingertip grip at an awkward angle.

I've always gotten back in eventually, but I find it a struggle and it takes time.

Do you have any experience re-boarding the boat from another angle (maybe more over the transom or even the foredeck) or perhaps a suggestion on how I might fit a grab rope that might hang from each gunwale close enough to reach and pull myself across the boat or maybe replace the grab rails with something more grabbable.

I'm not concerned about class legality, this is just a fun sail.
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Ideally I find as the boat is in the motion of righting itself you don't go from daggerboard to water to in-boat, but rather from daggerboard to in-boat. It probably looks ungraceful but as I get in I do my best to displace my weight to both sides to prevent it capsizing right back over.

I capsized last week and did this and was going again in less than a minute. Another boat capsized right next to me and it took him several minutes.