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Gel Coat Scratch Removal


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Just recently bought a 1999 laser with some light gel coat scratching on the hull from the previous owner pulling the boat onto a beach. The scratches are not deep and can barely be felt when I run my fingers across them. Does anyone know of any products that will take care of this scratching?? Thanks.



If the scratches do not penetrate through to the fiberglass laminate I wouldn't worry about them. If the scratches go deep then you could fill them with Marine Tex, or an epoxy filler, then sand smooth.



Thanks a ton. This is one of the best videos I have ever seen about this repairs. Although I am not native english speaking, it was really great to view it. We not have any chance at my country to join such a seminar here. So, it is absolutely okay to have this video online. Therefore, I would like to say thanks to the guys of LP to let us all have a small view what work they are doing and of course the editor of this video. It is a kind of art, at least and sure, it needs much practice to get such a good result in repairing a damage.

The most important aspect I did learn:

I now know, when it is time to give my damaged boat to the experts. It is worth to let do them their pretty work and pay the bill for it.

My Laser has such a small damage and it was repaired professionally by our former official Laserstore at Duisburg/River Rhine. If I wouldn't know about the damage, I wouldn't be able to find the damage now. Now, I know what sensible work it needs to get such a result, but I wouldn't be able to do it myself, of course, in reason of having to few experience.