Class Politics FW: Voting results


Mark Kastel

Hello all,

I would like to convey my personal thanks to ILCA members Dick Tillman and
John Christensen for spending the past 15 days compiling the votes of the
District Secretaries and confirming their authenticity.

Please find the results of the North American Region election, which closed
last night, in their message below.


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Subject: Voting results


John and I have accepted, and acknowledged receipt of, ballots from 23
Districts for electing officers and voting for bylaws for the
International Laser
Class Association - North American Region. No ballots were received from

Districts 17 and 18. Results are as follows:

Chairman: Peter Johns (14), Ryan Minth (9)
*Vice Chairman: Tracy Usher (22)
Treasurer: John Dawson Edwards (15), Fred Schroth (8)
Secretary: Eric Faust (16), Mark Kastel (7)
*At-Large: Tim Landt (18)
*At-Large (alt): David Abbott (22)

To support the adoption of the draft by-laws: No (13), Yes (10)

*Note that there were some non votes for some of the officers.

I believe we have complied with your voting instructions. In addition, I
copying the Laser Class Office. Please advise if you need further
It has been a pleasure to assist.

Dick Tillman