Furler question


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A few months ago, one of my shrouds failed and boom. I have successfully repaired it and she looks great. One problem I have is that I forgot how to rig up the jib with the furler. Currently the furler line is all the way out, what are the rigging steps to fix the furler so it works. Also, where do you cleat the furling line while under sail?

Pics of the break and fix included for fun:
PXL_20220327_232124798 (1).jpgPXL_20220327_232152901 (1).jpgPXL_20220327_232156192 (1).jpgPXL_20220327_232206782 (1).jpgPXL_20220522_225619535.jpgPXL_20220522_225622702.jpgIMG_6802.jpg
On my 2015 14.2K the furler is a Furlex20S ( I think that is the full model number, smallest Furlex available) and the jib is seized to an internal stainless wire which serves as the forestay and attaches to the furler with an integral shackle. When the jib is unfurled the furling line is spooled inside of the furler, leaving enough line to extend about a foot or eighteen inches abaft the molded in spray rail. A cleat is mounted onto the deck beside the mast base and several fairleads are mounted on the deck and spray rail to lead the furling line to the cleat. I have the line loosely attached to the cleat when sailing since most of the line is spooled inside of the furler and does not really need to be cleated.
When furling the jib I continue spooling until the jib sheets wrap around the jib at least three times and then secure the furling line to the cleat to prevent the furling spool from "unwinding". Because I leave the boat at my dock and in the water during the sailing season, I also have a small shackle mounted at the bow and use a loop of nylon cord to secure the spool so that it cannot turn when furled For my purposes, I have found it easier to have the jib unfurled when raising the mast and then furl after the forestay is secured. When lowering the mast I also want the jib unfurled because it is simpler to fold the jib for storage and most of the furling line is secured within the furling drum.