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I have a quick question about frostbiting in a fairly new laser boat. I recently acquired an '07 laser and have enjoyed sailing it. I was thinking of frostbiting it over the winter months, but was unsure if there are any drawbacks to it. Would frostbiting damage or weaken the hull in any way, and/or should I look at purchasing an older, more beat up hull for frostbiting?

Thanks in advance.
OK so besides the big chunks of ice - any concern on getting freeze/thaw action in the hull or in any of the running lines/blocks?
I mean there are some sailors that maintain that the boat needs to be stored indoors when not used and in heated space over the winter - I have not had that experience with my 35 year old laser but wondered what others thought.
Keep water out of the mast tube.
Inverting the hull and having it sleep on some logs off the ground would even be better.
I sail my boat all year round. Actually, I'll argue that my most competitive sailing is between the months of Nov and May. I have had no structural integrity issues with my boat related to the cold water. HOWEVER, if your boat is not 100% dry the thawing and freezing action as we get into the cold months will definately not help your issue, esp if any of the glass is saturated. Keeping the mast tube dry is key... I drain mine after every outing.

So, I'd make sure the boat is watertight, make sure she's well dried out before you begin your season...and enjoy it. For storage... I leave my boat right sid eup on the dolly with the mast on deck. Then I place my cover over it. This helps any loose crap bead off. Upside down works well too.

where are you planning on sailing?
Thanks for the responses and pointers.
The plan is to start out on the CT River and then look around at other spots. Newport sounds like a good fleet to try.